Pinnacle Point prides itself as a one-stop holiday destination. Mommy blogger, Taryn Smith, tells us how the estate lives up to this promise year after year!

We’ve been holidaying at Pinnacle Point Estate for the past nine years. In fact, ‘Pinnacle Point’ and ‘holiday’ are one and the same for our firstborn son, who has taken part in our annual pilgrimage to the Southern Cape every year since he was five weeks old! The reason we keep coming back year after year is not because we’re unadventurous – far from it – but because Pinnacle Point provides us with the opportunity to relax, reconnect and really explore a unique corner of our beautiful country.


We always go with our closest friends and between the four of us, we have managed to procreate four more human beings to join the party. These little people have grown up together with Pinnacle holidays (or ‘Pincle’ according to our youngest) being a staple feature in their lives, so it’s a very a special place for us all.

Our trips to Pinnacle Point have a sort of recurring madness to them. No matter how much we plan to do it differently, the start of our holiday invariably goes like this:

• Aim to leave first thing in the morning… actually leave at noon.

• Enjoy a long drive punctuated by shrieks and screams (from the children mostly) and pit stops at the ‘padstals’ (farm stalls) along the way. Trust me, the queue at the Heidelberg Biltong Factory is worth it every time!

• This last time the children added the ‘are we there yet?’ whine to the drive…I think we counted 40 of them before we’d even made it to Swellendam! Is it illegal for co-pilots to drink? I’m thinking of bringing my own kind of juice bottle on the next family road trip!

• Finally arrive at Pinnacle Point, unleash the kids and unpack, while the husbands volunteer to ‘quickly’ pick up supplies. By that I mean they go shopping for three hours at the bar that they ‘accidentally’ found on their way…and inevitably return without the milk, or anything else we put on the shopping list!

• Then it’s time for the four kids to bath in the soon-to-be-flooded bathroom.

• And finally, the great ‘who’s sleeping where?’ debate before bedtime.

• After a very long first day, once the kids are finally asleep, it’s at last time to relax with a glass of wine around the braai. And this time we make sure the men do all the work!


The husbands always play a couple of rounds of golf on Pinnacle Point’s award-winning golf course, which offers incredible views of the Indian Ocean from the cliffs. The children often join in for the last few holes…a circus that leads to many laughs, and gives the dads the perfect excuse for when they inevitably underperform on the 18th! If you’re a regular on the green, please accept my apologies for all past and future noise emanating from our crowd! You’ll probably also have spotted a noisy golf cart – yip, that’s us too – as the three-year-old on my lap masterfully steers us around the estate.

I’m not really one for exercise – running around children all day is enough for me – but for some reason, Pinnacle Point draws out the inner athlete in me. Of course, my ambitious marathon plans quickly disintegrate as I wheeze my way back from the clubhouse, cursing the perfect weather, the unique South African fynbos, the spectacular ocean view, and all the smug individuals speeding past me, shamelessly flaunting their motorised transport! By the time I get back to the house, I’ve made up my mind never to run again – a resolve that I keep intact until the next trip to Pinnacle Point when my selective amnesia kicks in and I do it all over again!


Our recent trip unexpectedly turned into a random hat week after stumbling upon an array of different hats. Ushankas (Russian fur hats) in April, anyone? There’s definitely something about being on holiday in a small town that brings out the crazy in us. But who are we kidding? We’re pretty ridiculous at home too! If you were to take a peek into our shopping trolley at Langeberg Mall, for example, you’d find anything from funny hats to animal-themed umbrellas (come rain or shine), too many snacks, chocolates and other things we shouldn’t be eating, and slippers, always slippers. My friend insists on buying slippers every time we go on holiday to Mossel Bay – even if it’s four times a year!
She definitely has a slipper problem, but don’t worry, we’re seeking professional help and the next Pinnacle Point holiday might just include an intervention!

We seem to pack a lot of crazy into our trips, and no holiday at Pinnacle Point is ever the same! The kids always look forward to a special meal at the clubhouse where they are given the royal treatment by the friendly staff . There is nothing quite like tucking into a mouth-watering meal, glass of vino in hand, overlooking an epic view that threatens to keep one transfi xed for hours. That is, unti l the kids want to go exploring again! I hear that there’s a kiddies’ entertainment centre opening up later this year – I can’t wait to let the kids loose in there while the adults enjoy a well-deserved rest, for a few hours at least!

With Pinnacle Point as our base, we love to explore the surrounding area, usually going as far as Knysna, where we stop for lunch at our favourite pizzeria. With so much to do along the Garden Route, not even the kids
get bored and too soon another wonderful holiday comes to an end. It takes a lot of patience and promises of ‘we’ll be back before you know it’ to persuade everyone that it’s ti me to go home, without the golf cart unfortunately, because there really isn’t enough space in the boot!


Once the tears have dried and sulks subsided, we laugh together as we recount all the funny moments that we’ll be adding to our holiday memory box back home…before counting down the days unti l our next perfect holiday at Pinnacle Point.

They say that life is about the journey and not the destination, but at Pinnacle Point we have found the perfect desti nati on to explore this awesome, slightly crazy thing called life!

Taryn Smith has recently started a blog called Keeping Your Sanity (she doesn’t know if she’s managed to achieve that sanity yet, but it’s a work in progress!). If you’d like to keep up with all the family’s antics and adventures, please visit or follow Taryn on social media: